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Empowering School Counselors: The SchoolsMaster Career Path Initiative

The SchoolsMaster Career Path Initiative offers outstanding assistance to school counselors by equipping them with distinctive tools and training. These resources empower them to steer students towards suitable educational and career trajectories, all at no cost to the schools, students, or counselors.

Student Career Path

Help Your Students Discover Their Passion: The Key to a Successful Future.

Create & Host Events

Organize student support events, allowing university representatives and experts to visit and assist your students in making optimal academic decisions.

Find and Join Higher Education Events

Stay Informed and Empower Your Students Globally: Seamless Access to Local and International Events with Just a Click!

Empowering Informed Student Decisions

At the heart of this initiative are the UNIRANKS and SCHOOLSMASTER platforms, complemented by an advanced application. These resources are designed to facilitate students in aligning their educational choices with their interests and aptitudes while providing exhaustive information about a wide array of fields and specializations. 

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Counselors & Students Tools

UNIRANKSĀ®' Innovative Support Tools for School Counselors:

UNIRANKS has developed an array of innovative tools meticulously designed to streamline and enhance the day-to-day responsibilities of school counselors as they interact with students. Additionally, we offer a suite of dedicated tools directly accessible to students. These tools seamlessly integrate with the resources available to school counselors, allowing for efficient management and monitoring of students' academic selections, choices, and applications, among other essential aspects.

Students Tools


Careers & Major Match Quizzes

UNIRANKS Collaboration with CareerOneStop: Empowering Students' Career Exploration:
In a strategic partnership with CareerOneStop, a program generously funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, UNIRANKS has developed a groundbreaking tool. This tool serves as an invaluable resource for students, empowering them to explore and identify the most fitting career options aligned with their unique characteristics and aspirations.

Offering the Following Quizzes


Students Guidance

UNIRANKS: Empowering Students with Innovative Tools: 
At UNIRANKS, our commitment to supporting students goes beyond traditional boundaries. We have taken an additional stride by introducing a user-friendly mobile app and streamlined registration tools. These resources are thoughtfully designed to assist students not only in making informed career choices but also in identifying the best-suited short courses, technical and vocational education opportunities, and optimal study destinations that align with their individual aspirations and ambitions. Our focus is on providing students with the tools they need to navigate their educational and career journeys seamlessly.

Offering the Following Tools


Schools &
Counselors Tools

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Empowering School Counselors

SCHOOLSMASTER, Powered by UNIRANKS, focuses on empowering school counselors with innovative tools and comprehensive training to enhance their ability to guide students effectively in making informed decisions about their academic and career paths.

Support for School Counselors

The platform offers innovative support tools for school counselors, streamlining their day-to-day responsibilities and enhancing their interactions with students. It equips counselors with the necessary knowledge and resources to guide students effectively, from academic selections to career applications.

Data-Driven Insights, Analysis & Statistics

SCHOOLSMASTER leverages data analytics to provide valuable statistics and insights that help school counselors stay informed about market trends and student behavior. This information is crucial for guiding students effectively and facilitating follow-ups in their academic and career journeys.

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The SchoolsMaster Career Path Initiative offers outstanding assistance to school counselors by equipping them with distinctive tools and training. These resources empower them to steer students toward suitable educational and career trajectories, all at no cost to the schools, students, or counselors.

With SchoolsMaster you will have the capability to:


Join Workshops and Training

Empowering School Counselors for Student Success

As a vital component of our overarching initiative, we are dedicated to bolstering the capabilities of school counselors. Our objective is to equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively guide students within their schools toward making informed decisions about their future. UNIRANKS has taken a proactive approach by curating a comprehensive array of workshops and training sessions. These resources are tailored to empower school counselors, ensuring they can work collaboratively with each student to facilitate optimal decisions for their educational and career journeys.


Join Events & Trips (Local and International)

Facilitating Knowledge Exchange and Counselor Enrichment

A pivotal aspect of our initiative involves fostering knowledge exchange through a multitude of channels. UNIRANKS actively engages in organizing conferences, hosting events, and arranging international trips to universities in various countries. These experiences provide school counselors with a unique opportunity to engage with and learn from experts in the field. These interactions also allow counselors to gain invaluable insights into the prospective experiences of their students, whether they choose to pursue their education locally or internationally.


Access to Analytics & Statistics

Leveraging Data Analytics to Empower School Counselors

The wealth of statistics at our disposal empowers school counselors in two primary domains. Firstly, it equips them with invaluable insights into the ever-evolving market trends concerning careers and future job opportunities. This information is crucial for guiding students effectively.

Furthermore, these statistics are instrumental in helping counselors comprehend the dynamics of off-school students' behavior. This includes but is not limited to registration trends, major selections, student preferences, choice of destinations, university selections, and more. Over time, the analysis and statistical data collected provide counselors with an enriched perspective and a deeper understanding. This, in turn, enhances their ability to leverage the tools offered by SCHOOLSMASTER to support students and facilitate effective follow-ups in their academic and career journeys.

Create & Host Events

SCHOOLSMASTER is a dynamic platform that empowers school counselors to efficiently manage a wide array of activities within their educational institutions. This includes facilitating interactions with universities, companies, and education and career experts through a series of engaging events designed to enrich students' knowledge and prepare them for their future careers

Among the notable events organized through SCHOOLSMASTER are:


Create University Fairs

School counselors have the capability to host university fairs, allowing institutions of higher learning to connect with students. These events are thoughtfully organized with specific dates and times to ensure optimal participation. What sets SCHOOLSMASTER apart is our cutting-edge technology, which simplifies these interactions. Using QR codes and a mobile app, both students and university representatives can seamlessly engage and communicate.

Create Career Talks

Similar to university fairs but with a heightened focus on careers, majors, short courses, and technical and vocational education. Career Talks are curated events that schools can create, comprising a series of sessions tailored to different programs. These sessions serve as invaluable opportunities for students to gain deeper insights into their future educational and career choices.

Through SCHOOLSMASTER, we aim to provide school counselors with the tools and resources needed to elevate their students' understanding of and readiness for the opportunities that lie ahead in the world of education and careers.

Find and Join Higher Education Events

Bridging the Gap: Connecting Higher Education and Technical & Vocational Education with Schools
We aim to establish a seamless connection between higher education institutions and technical and vocational education centers with schools. This linkage is forged through a series of collaborative events, open to educational institutions such as universities, training institutes, and vocational schools. These events are designed to be easily accessible to school counselors and their students, providing them with valuable opportunities for learning and engagement. Among the most common events in this initiative are:

1. Join Open House

Open House events allow both students and counselors to visit educational institutes and explore their offerings in an open and interactive setting.

2. Join Student Shadowing Day

Through the "Student for a Day" program, students have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the institute's academic and social life by spending a full day as a student.

3. Join Competitions

These contests are tailored to unearth and showcase students' unique talents and skills, helping them recognize and nurture their potential.

4. Join Institute Workshops

Educational institutes host workshops that provide valuable insights into majors, programs, student life, and more, thereby enriching students' understanding.

5. Join International Exchanges

The program encompasses international tours where universities host representatives from different countries, fostering global connections and knowledge exchange.

6. Join Student Tours

Schools can organize a series of local or international visits, allowing students to explore multiple universities within a short span, thereby broadening their horizons.

This initiative strives to create meaningful bridges between educational institutions, offering students a diverse array of experiences and insights as they embark on their academic and career journeys.


Powered by UNIRANKS

Schools Master seamlessly blends with the UNIRANKS platform, connecting Schools Master with an extensive network of universities worldwide, offering diverse majors and programs. Through this integration, university representatives can assist students from across the globe.

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